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Information for all users of the Children’s Centre

Session Times and Frequency

Some activities repeat weekly, however there will be weeks when a session does not run. This will usually mean staff are on leave but could also be a change of schedule. It is always worth checking the website calendar to make sure that your chosen activity is running on a given week. You can find copies of our latest weekly programme in the lobby area or you can ask Alison for a copy.

Session Charges

Most activities at the Children’s Centre will be free of charge and we have a donation box for those who wish to contribute for their refreshments, we have a contributions box. Some commercial classes, like toddler football or baby music classes, that may be provided by an external professional will be charged for. If you would like to take up a class or session but have difficulty in finding the money for it, talk to us, in confidence as reduced rates and discounts are available.