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4Who is it for:

Parents and Carers with children under 5

The Information Service is open to all parents and carers by telephone 01342 831306 or by contacting us. You will be able to ask for information on:

  • Finding affordable, flexible childcare and early education places
  • Transition stages e.g. Nursery to school-application procedures
  • Health related issues for children e.g. dental health/weight/diet
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Finding a job or training
  • Accessing parental support or training groups
  • Teenage parents support
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Benefits advice
  • Housing advice
  • Debt advice
  • Domestic violence advice
  • Activities to attend with children
  • Local Events for children

There is no charge for the service so please contact us!

You can also access local advice and support by contacting the Wellbeing prescription a local service to help you: Be Healthier, get active, lose weight, eat well, stop smoking, meet new people, get out and about, and get a load of your chest visit the website by clicking https://www.wellbeingprescription.org/

If you need support and information regarding a child with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Please follow this link  https://www.surreylocaloffer.org.uk/kb5/surrey/localoffer/home.page