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Who are they for:

Parents and carers who would like support and help with their parenting role

What is your style of parenting? Do children always have to suffer if one of their parents doesn’t live with them? How can you encourage children to have a healthy attitude towards food? Would you like to know what your child is learning as he or she plays? What can you do if your toddler won’t stay in bed? How can you get your child to behave well without smacking? There are so many questions and decisions that all parents face… If you are interested in joining a group of parents to share ideas and learn new techniques for coping with the kids and getting the most out of family life, then our programme Parenting Puzzle is for you!

We will be running the 4 week and the 10 week Family Links Parenting Puzzle courses at the Children’s Centre.If you would be interested in joining, just give us a ring for more information, 01342 831306 or contact us here.